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"Packaging" is a project consisting of photographs in advertising style, The title into the photo,

It becomes an integral part of the work, on the model of the adv payoff  or the brand itself.

Moves highlight the human condition and the nature of relations in the consumer society.

Induced needs, immediate, compelling, interchangeable.

Disposable wishes of planned obsolescence in the process of massification and depersonalization of personality..

The "outer packaging" assumes, therefore, referential significance, becoming a priority in relationships

and decisive in the dynamics of social acceptance.




About'project idea, however, the term "packaging", is to be understood, above all,  as the result of a broader process.

A super-structural mechanism of social system, closely related to the concept of freedom, conditioned from birth.

To continue in alienating and dystopian existence, walking on roads made by what is convenient.

The essence of natural necessity is inevitably altered.

It is not the prerogative of the most striking manifestations.

It concerns everyone.

How much does it cost?

We'll know after the break!

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