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My New Reality


where do the things that never were be?

everything that could have been

what’s the way to break down fear?

Get out what's inside of you!


there's no better way to know 

there's no right way to hope, my girl 

don't wait, it could be right now

don't wait, we have the same desire 



so don't give up, don’t let they win

they live in our distance

no more time to hesitate


we have, we have become confused web pages 

don’t scroll me fast once again

there’s still something more



you will know my smile in rainbow tears,

you will know my new reality



so I wanna be

so I wanna live

so I wanna feel

so I wanna give

so i wanna take what they took from me

so I wanna I wanna I wanna I wanna 

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